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At Daya Naef, LLC

At Daya Naef, LLC we are a specialized consulting and legal services firm with a focus in Construction and Real Estate. We are often called upon to assist other firms that do not specialize in these areas. We work with them with their clients to form a cost effective and efficient strategy.

DN, LLC represents subcontractors, general contractors, suppliers, owners, developers, condominium associations, design professionals, agencies, associations and municipalities/NGO’s. Additionally, we also draft and review construction contracts, prepare and file liens/releases and bond/insurance claims.

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“For the Good of the Project”

“For the Good of the Project” – much like the Family law concept – for the good of the child, DN, LLC puts the needs of the project first, wherever possible. Getting the parties back on speaking terms without any extra and undue delay that the litigation processes brings, may save a project and reduce the costs and wastes borne by the owner, developer and/or in some cases taxpayers.

DN, LLC also offers on-going general counsel services to a wide variety of business. Never again will you have to seek out an attorney when you have a legal question. We will be continuously on-call. We also conduct mini-audits so make sure you stay in compliance.

We are also able to assist with bid and proposal preparation and protests, at your election. Office and site visits may scheduled at mutually opportune times.

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